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Have a technical question or problem related to the manufacture of composite cans, tubes, cores, and plant operations? Maybe our buddy, Vinnie, can help! Vinnie is an all around resource who knows everything there is to know about the manufacture of composite cans, tubes, cores, and plant operations. Well, maybe not everything, but he’s the type of guy who knows the people who know the answers!


How does “Vinnie” work? Glad you asked…

  • ┬áVinnie is a resource created by the Vendor Technical Subcommittee (VTS).
  • The VTS is a composed of representatives from all aspects of both the industry and supplier sides of the composite can, tube, and core manufacturing industry, as well as plant operations.
  • When you submit your question, a copy goes to “Vinnie” who distributes the question (minus your name and company info) to the correct “experts” for your chosen topic.
  • These experts review your question and respond with an answer, solutions, suggestions, and possibly even further resources you can look into. The questions will then be┬áposted in our “Members Only” section with their answers as a resource to others who might have the same question. But, don’t worry…we never print your name, company name, or any identifying or confidential information.
  • And, don’t forget, all of “Vinnie’s” resources are available to you…FREE!


Ready? Ask Away…




Tube Design Tool Software


The Tube Design Tool is the most comprehensive software currently available in the industry for producing fiber cores and tubes. It takes the guesswork out of choosing the correct ply width combination for constructing the strongest tube for any diameter and wall thickness. In addition, it will calculate the amount of paper rolls that are required for any given production run and the accruing cost for the manufacturing process.

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