The Composite Can and Tube Institute (CCTI) is an international, non-profit, trade association representing the interests of manufacturers of composite paperboard cans, containers, canisters, tubes, cores, cones, spools, fiber drums and related items, as well as suppliers to the industry including paperboard, equipment/machinery, lids/ends and adhesives.

CCTI is a forum that allows industry executives to gather in a legal manner so that they may share their expertise and heighten their ability to compete in the worldwide marketplace.

CCTI is an organization available for use by all members in meeting the unforeseen, but inevitable, problems of the future: government encroachment, increased environmental regulation, more stringent OSHA regulations and penalties, and those yet to come.

CCTI is a source for members who are looking for special assistance and information.



A Reputation for Excellence & Service…
CCTI has promoted this industry for more than 75 years. We are very excited about our new programs and our solid foundation of service and commitment to our members. There are many opportunities in the industry, but only CCTI can stand behind a proven record of responsiveness, achievement, and respect from other industry colleagues.

Programs, Publications, Benefits & More…
CCTI provides members with a number of direct, money-saving programs, services and benefits that help you to more efficiently run your company and compete within the industry! Click here to read about CCTI’s programs, services, and benefits!

Our TOP 10 include:


  1. Health Insurance Plans
  2. 401(k) Plans
  3. Energy Affinity Programs
  4. Stretch Film Cost Reduction Programs
  5. Safety Products & Web-Based Training Programs
  6. On-Line HR Library & Reference Database
  7. The Ask Vinnie Online Q&A Service and 911PARTS
  8. Bi-Monthly Newsletter, Industry Directory and other publications
  9. Networking, Meetings and Committee opportunities