Other Publications

To order any of CCTI’s Publications, fill out the payment form and return it to CCTI at 703.823.7237 or [email protected].

2015 Industry Directory

The Directory is an annually revised list of all known manufacturers in this industry. It includes product descriptions, contact names, plant addresses, phone and fax numbers. It also contains a listing of CCTI Associate member companies, their products and services.

The directory is now available in paper or electronic version. CCTI Company Representatives are provided with one complimentary CD copy each year.

  • Members: One Complimentary Flashdrive
  • Additional Member Copies: $50 (Flashdrive) or $100 (Paper)
  • Non-Members: $200 (Flashdrive) or $350 (Paper)

To order, fill out the order form and return it to CCTI at 703.823.7237 (fax) or [email protected].

Technical Notebook

This notebook is a compilation of uniform industry specifications relating to the manufacture, testing and use of composite cans, tubes, and cores. It is conveniently organized in a notebook format and includes: Recommended Industry Standards, Standard Testing Procedures, Guidelines (including Papermill core guidelines), Technical Committee Reports, Conversion Tables, Silicate Information, and a Glossary of Technical Terms for Composite Can, Tubes, and Cores.

For a guide to the contents of the Technical Notebook you can view the indexes provided below in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.

The CCTI Technical Notebook is now available by email, CD or Flashdrive  version! All companies can now access individual documents, or the full notebook, via PDF version available via email or on CD. This format is available to all companies – regardless of geographic location (international companies can now take advantage of savings in shipment time and expense by utilizing this new format).

Note: As long as a member has purchased 1 Technical Notebook AND maintains its company membership, all individual and updated documents are FREE.

  • Technical Notebook:
    Members: $135 (Paper) or $100 (Flashdrive)
    Non-Members: $375 (Paper) or $350 (Flashdrive)
  • Individual Documents (Electronic or Paper versions):
    Members: FREE
    Non-Members: $30

To order, fill out the Technical Notebook order form and return to CCTI at 703.823.7237 or [email protected].

Machine Guarding Album

Compiled by CCTI’s Safety and Human Resources Committee, the Guarding Album is a spirally-bound photo album depicting guarding devices used on manufacturing machinery for production of composite cans, tubes, cores. Photographs include convolute winders; spiral winders; recutters; slitters; shredders and balers; forklift trucks; material handling, auxiliary finishing equipment; and safety labels, devices and sources. The Machine Guarding Album is updated every 3 years.

  • Members: FREE
  • Non-members: $250

Can Tube Bulletin (Newsletter)

CCTI’s bimonthly newsletter is published online and password-protected for members only worldwide. It is an excellent source of information about issues affecting this industry, as well as updates on CCTI activities. See the “Classified” section for advertising opportunities. The CTB is offered to all employees of CCTI member companies at no charge.

Although the CTB is not available to non-member companies, all companies are welcome to advertise, as well as to submit news releases and information in regards to their companies or the industry. For more information, contact CCTI at [email protected]


Brochures are complimentary to both members and non-members. Brochures are typically mailed in increments of 25 (please specify).

  • Tube & Core Recovery Brochure and Facilities Listing
    CCTI developed this brochure as a result of the increased demand by the tube and core industry’s customers for the recovery of used tubes and cores as well as to be environmentally responsibe. CCTI canvassed recovery centers in an effort to supply the industry with greater knowledge and access to industry and independent recovery centers. The list of recovery centers is updated annually
    – To download a complete list of our Tube & Core Recovery Facilities, please click here.
  • Composite Can Brochure

    The Composite Can Brochure was created for member’s use in marketing to customers and for broadening their client base. The brochure highlights the advantages of using composite cans and how creative a composite package can be by using graphics, shape, texture and materials to communicate the product’s message.

To request brochures, please contact CCTI at [email protected].