Videos and DVDs

CCTI videos are also available in DVD format. Please choose either VHS or DVD when ordering a movie.



The videos may be borrowed for up to three weeks and are complimentary to members.

To purchase any videos, download a Publications Payment Form and return it to CCTI via fax at 703.823.7237 or email to [email protected].


Safety DVD: Safety Tips for Operating a Spiral Winding Line

This DVD, produced by CCTI’s Safety and H.R. Committee, focuses on general safety procedures for production crews operating a spiral winding line. It is intended to be used as a safety awareness tool for employees to help reduce workplace accidents by: teaching safety practices used by industry colleagues; comparing various machine guarding approaches; and, providing new ideas on handling and staging paper rolls.


  • Cost for Members: $50
  • Cost for Non-members: $500


Safety Video: The Hazards of Nip Points

This video, produced by the former Newark Group, is an excellent safety video that has received tremendous feedback from viewers. Many CCTI members have incorporated it into their plant safety meetings.


  • Cost for Members: $50
  • Cost for Non-members: $500


Safety Video: Forklift Operator Safety

A comprehensive video for anyone operating forklifts in the manufacturing environment. Teaches employees engineering principles, operator safety rules and routine maintenance.


Safety Video: Machine Guarding

Designed for employees, as well as supervisors, this video explains what machine guarding is all about. It includes detailed information on lockouts, tagouts, interlocks, two-hand trip devices and more. The video emphasizes that employee responsibility is paramount when working with machinery.


OSHA’s Hazardous Energy Source Video (Lockout/Tagout)

This program meets the OSHA requirements for training employees in lockout/tagout procedures.


Safety Orientation for Employees Video

This video, produced by DuPont, is a complete package to introduce employees to your company’s safety philosophy in a way that helps them see value of safe behavior. Employees learn that acting to prevent injuries benefits not only the company, but also themselves and their families. The Administrator’s/Leader’s Guide and Orientation Workbook for the employee can be ordered from DuPont.


Hazard Communications Video

This video covers important OSHA training requirements for all employees. It instructs employees to be aware of hazardous chemicals and materials in the workplace and to understand the function of MSDS’s.


Bloodborne Pathogens for Non-Healthcare Workers Video

Designed for all employees, even those who are not at occupational risk of exposure, to make them aware of HIV and Hepatitis B viruses that can be transmitted through blood or body fluids. This program provides the basic information needed to reduce risks.