Tube Design Tool


The Tube Design Tool is the most comprehensive software that is currently available in the industry for producing fiber cores and tubes. It takes the guesswork out of choosing the correct ply width combination for constructing the strongest tube for any diameter and wall thickness. In addition, it will calculate the amount of paper rolls that are required for any given production run and accruing cost for the manufacturing process.

In the “Tube Design Section” you enter mandrel diameter, width and caliper for the first ply (bottom ply) and the caliper for any subsequent ply if it differs from the pervious one, the precise build-up of the tube will be computed.

Based on the entered value for the width increase from one to the next of available paper rolls (ribbons, e.g. in steps of 1/32”, 1/16”, etc.) the program will calculate each ply width. Hence, the smallest winding gap without overlap will be achieved.

In the “Tube Production Section” you can enter the quantity and other relevant information for a desired production run. The program will compute material and glue consumption and the total amount of required paper rolls for each ply.

In the “Tube Pricing Section” you can enter paper pricing (e.g. using MSF or price/ton) and other associated costs for operating a winding line. The program will calculate the total cost for a production run based on the information that was provided in the Tube Production Section. If winder belt speed was entered, the time it will take to run this production will be shown and labor and machine cost will be calculated.

In the “Convolute Tube Production Section” you enter the data for the desired convolute tube, e.g. diameter, wall and caliper. The program will compute the required paper roll width and total number of layers.

It will also calculate glue consumption and the amount of required paper rolls and total cost for a production run.

In addition to the main sections of the TDTool, there are other components of the software program, which assist in the daily operation of a fiber core production facility. They will allow you to determine tube winding parameters and perform paper tube/core weight calculations, paper roll calculations and paper properties calculation/conversion.


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